Summer Fire

For ten days Ruth and I travelled with the OMNIvision truck to Ireland for a Christian conference called Summer Fire. Guest speakers came from around the world to encourage the small, yet growing and passionate Irish church to live radical lives for Jesus and to reach out to their fellow countrymen with the good news of Jesus.vlcsnap-2013-07-04-13h15m11s182

What made this conference extra special for us was that Ruth and I were both full members of the OMNIvision crew for the event. Ruth operated the graphics computer – which meant that she displayed the bible verses, song words and videos – all of which changed constantly throughout the programme. Whilst it was a little stressful at times to display the right words at the right time – for we only display two lines at a time over video, and the leaders often changed the order of the songs or the songs themselves without warning – Ruth was able to stay on top of it, allowing the congregation to join in unhindered. On the last day two members of the worship team expressed their appreciation for her work saying how nice it was to not worry about the lyrics being on the screen or not.
I was in the engineering section looking after the recordings and shading the camera pictures – controlling the brightness and contrast as well as advanced settings like gamma, knee and painting – all to make the images look constant and clear so there is no distraction for people watching on the screens.vlcsnap-2013-07-04-13h14m18s187
We really enjoyed ourselves at this event and we look forward to the next.

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