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Back to work

Well, my holidays are over now and it’s time to get stuck into some work. This week I’ve been working on a number of projects side by side. There’s our church website where you can find the upocoming events, duty roster and latest sermons – I’ve been fixing little problems with the site and adding some new features. For example, you can now comment on an event or a testimony if you are logged into facebook, and you can share it on your wall too! If you want to listen to Grace Wamberal sunday messages on your iphone then you can just hit the itunes button and the podcast will be added to itunes automatically! I’ve also been editing and uploading the messages myself to take a load off other people in the office. I’m in the process of re-designing the whole site so that it is future-ready and fun to visit, even from your mobile. Aside from that website I’ve been in the office fixing printers and hard drives installing software for people.

It sure has been fun working in the Central Coast Outreach Services office in Bateau Bay, seeing the great work that they do helping those who are down and out. John and Barbara are good company. It helps me to stay accountable to people if I’m working in an office, rather than working at home where I could just slack off. I haven’t been able to work full days at the moment though, because my wrist is still giving me trouble. I developed ‘intersection syndrome’ on the ship – it is similar to RSI – so I can’t use the computer for too long at a time while it is heaing, which is really a pain, because computers are what I do! I see that God is teaching me to be patient and not to try to fill my days with good works, rather to come to Him to learn.

As I plan to go to England next year and keep building the kingdom with the skills He has given me, I want to keep serving God here on the central coast. I will spend the most time with my home church, Grace Wamberal, but I’m looking to help out other local churches as well. I will visit Erina Baptist soon to do some simple Audio/Visual housekeeping, and I have some projects with OM in Melbourne. To do all this full time I rely on people to continue to support me financially, and for new people to partner with me in this work. My needs are very few at the moment since I stay with my parents – fuel, mobile phone, physio and the occasional meal out – but I will need more when I go to England. If you feel God leading you to partner with me, please do talk to me and I can share more.