Chris is follower of Jesus and aims to use the Audio/Visual and Information Technology skills that he has to bless people and further the kingdom of God however he can. He’s also a big nerd, and proud of it! Chris is the Production Manager at OMNIvision – A media production facility that tells the stories of what God is doing in the needy, unreached places of this world.

Ruth is also a follower of Jesus and has lived amongst missionaries from an early age. She is a qualified primary school teacher. She has a passion to see children on the mission field given the best chance at a healthy childhood with all the benefits of cross cultural travel and as few as possible of the drawbacks. Ruth is the educational adviser to OM Ships and the greater OM community. She provides resources and information to all the OM fields.

During the European summer we both travel with OMNIvision to three big Christian events: SummerFire in Ireland – encouraging the small but growing Irish church, TeenStreet in Germany – challenging teens (some Christian and some unchurched) to live radical lives for Christ, and the GO conference – equipping new missionaries to go into all the world.


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  1. Hi Chris,

    I saw that you commented on Ross’s fb comment so I did a bit of cyber-stalking and found your blog.

    Your ministry looks awesome!

    I pray that you and your ministry will be mightily blessed!!!

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