On the road

We’ve been on the road now for 3 weeks visiting the places and the people who mean something to Ruth. We’re in between our home in Carlisle that we’ve given up and our future home in Australia. We’re living out of suitcases in other people’s homes. We count ourselves blessed to have so many people we call friends and we’ve been enjoying their hospitality this lady coupe of weeks. I don’t think I’ve had this many meals out in two weeks in my whole life! Gosh I love pizza.

We were really blessed to spend some time at Northchurch Baptist Church, our sending Church in the UK. We felt instantly at home and we’re welcomed with open arms. We felt such a presence of God in church these last two weeks – a love that drives out fear. The future is scary for us. We don’t have jobs lined up, or a house of our own. We’ll stay with my parents. The message God is repeating to us over and over again is that he will be faithful to us. We have left the mission field, but we are not leaving Him – and he will certainly not abandon us now. We will trust Him that we will be able to find work – even when people say “Oh, it’s really difficult right now”.

Northchurch Baptist
Northchurch Baptist

We want to say a big thanks to everyone who opened their homes to us, their spare bedroom or couch to help us make a final tour of the UK before we leave. Ruth was so blessed to visit all the people who have meant so much to her, and will continue to be in our prayers and communication.

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