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Our last event with OMNIvision was possibly the best event we’ve ever been to. The GO Conference – held in Germany in January -was a meeting place and a training ground for over 100 new workers who have been called by God to go into all the world and make disciples. Many of these new workers were young people just out of high school or university – giving up all that life could be at home to go and serve God for a year or two – and possibly to stay for life. Some were older people who had responded to the call to commit to a country for a longer term – to live amongst a foreign people and to shine a light. All met together to come to know each other, to know that they are part of a larger body – the body of Christ. They were trained in the core values of Operation Mobilisation and encouraged in their faith. In some ways, it’s about connecting new workers with the organisation – but it’s more about them being filled up with God before they go out.

go photos

This year we were both on the OMNIvision technical team. We both got to change roles a few times to get some variety. Ruth enjoyed operating the camera, and operating the songwords and powerpoint on other days. Chris enjoyed doing songwords and powerpoint most days, but was delighted to sit in the director’s chair a couple of times and experience the challenge of coordinating the cameras – he also got to be on camera a few times. We felt like we were really useful to the team, not just spare parts – and we got to do all the things that we enjoy.

It was a privilege to see so many people enthusiastically going into all the world – to send them off with love and encouragement and prayer. Sending people out into the harvest field is something that we hope to continue doing in our lives, even though our official occupations won’t be as missionaries in the coming years.

OM has released a newsbyte video about the conference, that is really encouraging to watch – and Chris is in it for 1 second 🙂

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