“Transform is about faces. An Albanian girl promised a better life in Italy; now forced to sell her body. A deeply religious man who fears God but is controlled by hatred. A Turkish student giving up because there is no future. A Libyan refugee who fled the conflict with nothing.”

Transform encourages young Christians to engage in short term cross cultural mission throughout the Mediterranean region – reaching many with the gospel.
Whilst I may not be able to be on crew for this upcoming event, I have been blessed to help create a geeat new website for it.
One of the key improvements is that the website is available in several different languages, the aim of which is to draw many more youth into the mission field. Also available is the prayer map where anyone can read about the countries of the Mediterranean and how to pray for them. I really enjoyed being a part of this project.


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  1. I am awed at what our King does in the earth for His glory and praise through lives like yours. His love in amazing. Love from the Sunny Om Caribbean Isles.

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