Northern Women’s Convention

For the fourth and final time I headed South to Manchester for the Northern Women’s Convention – it would seem that Carlisle beyond the North. Possibly the second last event that I’ll do with OMNIvision, this event stood out to me not as a challenge, but as a sign that I have learned enough to feel comfortable in the truck.

The OMNIvision outside broadcast "truck"
The OMNIvision outside broadcast “truck”

When we last Visited the Armitage Centre in Manchester with this vehicle we had everything more or less working but awoke on the morning of the event with only a fraction of the electricity we needed – this time things went much more smoothly.

Our job is to provide the song words and to visually magnify the main speaker so that her message can be understood more clearly. For that we set up the lighting, cameras and projector screens. As before I was able to take charge of the lighting setup as I know exactly how it should be done and how everything works. This time I set up LED lights with the band for a little colour and left all the par-cans white. I also set up the lighting controller in the truck so I could adjust it if necessary from engineering.

Photo of the main hall

As is common lately I was in the Engineering section of the truck. From there I make sure that the images from the cameras are matching in colour and brightness so that cuts between cameras are not distracting from the message and the images can be clearly seen. I also manage the recordings and am on hand to respond to any equipment failures – but praise God there weren’t any this time.

Photo of me in engineering
In the Engineering section

Whilst I do find the role a little boring at times, I know that it is very important in producing a quality service and it helps people to hear and understand the encouraging message that is spoken to them from the stage. Each of us perform vital tasks as part of a team and we are all serving God in our work. If there’s a lesson in this event, it is that regardless of whether you preach on a platform, sit in the director’s chair or fiddle with knobs and buttons – what matters is that you serve God with all of your heart.

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