In the garden

“What are we getting ourselves into this time?” I thought to myself as I pulled up at the address I was given. Ruth and I felt like we had nothing to offer, and this was way out of our comfort zones – but God often does that to us and it works out well.
Of all the structures in our church, I am most impressed by the focus on friendship evangelism and community involvement. This week Ruth and I had a chance to participate in a mix of both. Some of our small group members are friends with a lady who lives in carlisle – she doesn’t attend a church. They arranged for us all to come and visit her and to give her front garden some much needed attention.

2013-04-16 19.17.052013-04-16 19.12.43

We trimmed hedges, pulled out weeds and cleaned paving. She was especially thankful to us and we shared tea and cake when we were done and chatted. We hope that in time she may come to join us in our group our at church or maybe at a church social.

2013-04-16 19.15.022013-04-16 19.14.30

Actually although neither of us have any gardening experience and little confidence in ourselves, we were able to help out and make sure we could finish before the sun went down that afternoon. As I drove away, I realised that God had put me in yet another situation where I simply had to trust him and show up.

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