Big dance

The warm up for the summer of events this year was a dance competition in Carlisle. We have spent the last two months fully converting our broadcast vehicle from American 110v power to British 220v and this was the first field test. Previously we had used a big transformer. You can see the panels open in the photo where we needed to make some quick repairs. While there were a few teething issues – the truck performed its duty well, and it’s ready for action this summer.
Recently our smaller broadcast vehicle was decommissioned – And the power changes allow us to operate with significantly less current draw especially in the power up sequence – allowing us to take it to new places.  We will take it to Ireland for the summer fire Christian conference in June for the first time.
I struggle sometimes with doing secular events – but my leader reminded me this week that on top of the training, testing and funding that comes from these local events, the contact we have with the schools and dance companies is a witness in the way that we work as a Christian company – And that we may never know what impact we have.
There was another dance event yesterday which I did not attend. My job now as production manager is to organise the production of DVDs that are sold to the parents and friends.

Chris in Engineering
Chris in Engineering

Korean camera operator SeongBok with the Outside Broadcast Vehicle we call 'the truck'
Korean camera operator SeongBok with the Outside Broadcast Vehicle we call ‘the truck’

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