The first big event of the year, the Go Conference in Mosbach, Germany brings together over 100 new workers from around the world for 10 days of worship, teaching, cultural adjustment and transition before they “go into all the world” – many for the first time in their lives. Ruth and I remember our own Go Conference where we were participants. For myself it was the first time I was going into the world with OM. It was so useful to learn about other cultures and to transition from my time at home to my time on the ship. Our prayer is that each of the participants will have that same experience – even as they are eager to reach their new homes.

Personally I am on the technical team with OMNIvision. Our executive producer and our best camera operator cannot attend, so I have had to step up to bigger responsibilities. So far I have felt quite challenged and engaged. I have not had a chance to be bored with my role. Some days I feel I have saved the day with my technical experience – setting up the lighting and tech gear – whereas others I have felt I have only done my part, or that I have learned though making several mistakes.

Ruth is helping with the under 5’s programme – called Go Tots – where she is a natural looking after kids of missionaries from all around the world. I have dropped in from time to time and can see they adore her. Ruth has a pretty full schedule with the kids, but is also connecting with new teachers for the ship and with field leaders to talk about families in their field.

We both feel that we are being used by God for great things – even as we do our small parts. As we enable others, they can reach the nations better.

As the conference continues for another 5 days, please be in prayer that we would be seeking God daily (and in fact constantly) in the business of our days and even as we don’t get all the sleep that we need that He would carry us through.

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