Australia 2014

After much prayer and consideration, we have decided not to remain in the UK after March 2014. Whilst the challenges surrounding applying for a spousal visa for Chris started us thinking – ultimately we decided that we don’t want to (or feel led to) remain here long term. Whilst we may have hoped to stay until later in 2014 or even on into 2015 – it would seem the only way to do that would be to leave OM early and find secular work – something we’re fairly sure isn’t on God’s agenda for us.

The plan is to finish our time with OM in February / March 2014 and return to Australia where Chris will try to find regular work for a time. In the space of about two years Ruth should have permenant residency in Australia.

We need your help!

To apply for a spousal visa for Ruth to enter Australia and earn permanent residency we need to apply this April, and we need to pay £1,900 (including some expensive medical tests). As we are living purely on the income that God provides for us – we have only a small balance in our bank account. Would you consider helping us to meet this target by April this year? Please contact us via email or phone. You can give directly to us by cash or cheque in the UK, or via OM in Australia.
See our profile page on OM Australia here.

Stop Press! We want to acknowledge a large donation from Northchurch Baptist that will go a long way to meeting this need – Thank You!

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