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Dinner for a ship

“It’s great to hear the testimony of someone who has served onboard the ship” said one of the delegates at the Logos Hope ship fundraising dinner.

Our friends Steve and Heather Packwood (Steve was my boss on Logs Hope) invited us up to the beautiful city of Edinburgh for the weekend to attend a dinner to raise funds for the ship ministry. While we as crew members needed  our beloved supporters to provide for our needs during our two years on the ship Рother supporters donate directly to the ship ministry to pay for repairs, upkeep and fuel to keep the ship running. We were invited to this one of two dinners (the other in London) to share our experience of what we did onboard and how it changed our lives. Speaking about the ship experience together in front of people really brought back some great memories of our time on board and reminded us of just how much God has done in our lives since we walked up the gangway in September 2009. Firstly that Ruth and I had found each other, but also that we had found a place and a ministry where God could use us for great things, and that when we have no idea how to do something He will happily guide us through.