A surprise role

Sometimes God knows exactly what I need. The last week of work has been long and hard but the event this Sunday was a chance to enjoy my favourite part of the job – live events. This time I got to do camera. I’m very thankful that OMNIvision don’t do events back to back all year – otherwise Ruth and I wouldn’t see much of each other. In between the events we are creating missions media and sometimes we need to work on regular paid jobs so that we can be self-sustaining. This week has been about finishing work on three paid secular jobs so that we can move on to more exciting projects that tell of God’s marvellous deeds around the world. My job is to make sure that the editors stay on track and have everything they need to complete the job.

This Sunday we set up cameras to record a small dance event. We hope to produce a DVD quickly, so we do the switching live. It has been quite some time since I stood at the controls of a camera – as I often sit in the truck doing more technical things to maintain the quality of the images – and I was delighted to have the opportunity to run camera. As always I remembered that it’s quite a skill and I still need a lot of practice to get really nice shots.

But the real surprise came in the second half of the performance. During the intermission my boss very generously invited me to sit in the director’s chair and call the shots and do the switching. I don’t think I’ve done switching for anything other than a sermon since my time on the ship – and I can tell you that I absolutely loved the experience. My hope is that I produced something of quality and that there won’t be too many things to fix in post. I thank God for the fun I had this weekend and the reminder that it’s not all hard work.

Photo of Chris on camera

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