Vision 12

It’s here! We’ve been working on this DVD since I started with OMNIvision last year, and I’m pleased to say that it is a truly wonderful collection of prayer videos. Five videos from five countries where God is at work and lives are being transformed.

Our motto at OMNIvision is to make known the glorious deeds of the Lord – and Vision 12 seeks to spread that knowledge to churches and prayer meetings and home groups around the world. To show that in places ravaged by war, recovering from communist rule and living in empty religion God is breaking through and touching individual lives and changing nations.

Picture of the DVD
Vision 12 disc artwork

My role with this project has been to manage the completion of the individual videos, to edit one of the videos and to compile the menus, graphics, prayer points and booklet that make up the DVD. It has been a very enjoyable project to be a part of because of the skills I’ve learned and also because of the significance of the work – but it has been difficult at times, there have been many setbacks – still I am delighted that it is complete, and I will be working on the next DVD already now.

I will be sending Boxed copies of the DVD (with a booklet) to Erina Community Baptist Church, Grace Community Church and Northchurch Baptist Church for their libraries. I also have a limited number of DVDs that I will be sending to some of our financial supporters as I gather your postal addresses. If you’ve not been able to support us but you’d really like a copy of this DVD please let me know

Here is a list of all the videos you can watch on the DVD:

syria-desc romania-desc Ireland-desc moldova-desc turkey-desc

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