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It’s hard to believe that we’ve already lived in Australia for over 5 months. When we arrived I was determined to try to keep this blog updated so friends around the world could know how things were going but that obviously hasn’t happened. For a long time there didn’t seem to be anything to report; Chris had some casual work but I spent most of my days sitting on the sofa and trying to find ways to occupy myself. We were both beginning to get frustrated and in my prayer times I was often encouraged by the thought that everything could turn around quickly. To those who know God’s faithfulness it will come as no surprise to hear that is what happened. When we made the decision to move out to Australia we had some thoughts and dreams as to what we wanted to happen:

We wanted to get jobs, especially something local and full time for Chris. Prayers answered! A small web design company had given him some casual work initially and when someone there left he was immediately offered a full time role as a programmer. While it may not always be the most exciting work the job is what he knows how to do and is only a few minutes bus ride away. He has had a few weeks there now and is settling into the role and slowly getting to know his few colleagues.

Personally I was less clear what type of role I wanted when job hunting. I pursued various options including doing a traineeship for early years care and becoming a teaching assistant but nothing came of my efforts. However, I now have a few hours work a week for a family caring for their children before and after school. There are 4 children, the youngest of whom is 7, and the work is fairly straightforward, mostly chivying them through their routines. It’s only 3 days a week so I’d love something else to go alongside it but for now it is simply a pleasure to have something to give me some purpose.

We wanted to get our own place to live. Prayers answered! While we were happy to live with Chris’ parents when we first arrived and are extremely grateful for how much they did for us, we were keen to get back into our own place. As soon as Chris was offered his job we began hunting for somewhere to rent. Lots of people warned us that it is very competitive and can be hard to get something so we were prepared for a long wait but in fact the first application we put in was accepted. So now we’re settled in a 2 bedroom, ground floor apartment just a few minutes drive from Chris’ parents and work.

We wanted to get settled in and involved with Chris’ church. Prayers answered! Grace Community Church have been incredibly supportive and welcoming. They were keen for Chris to run the AV team again which he is thoroughly enjoying and has been able to make many improvements to the system already. We are both now on the rota for AV and getting to know some people better. I have felt very welcome and accepted there, although it is sometimes strange that so many people know who I am when I’ve never really met them!

We wanted to be able to support mission work from the ‘other side.’ Prayers answered! Although we believe it was right for us to leave the mission field at this time we both still have a heart for mission and were keen to use our experience to help support those still on the field. We have both been able to join the mission action team at church and Chris was able to make their annual video about the work they support. In the last couple of weeks we have also started working out ways in which we can support two ladies from our church who work in Cambodia. One is about to leave so we have been able to be part of her fundraising and planning. The other is currently home on furlough and we are working out ways we can support her with her website and admin.

So, that is some of the answered prayers for us over the last few months. Of course, there have been lots of smaller ones too but these hopefully give testimony to how God has blessed us and an update for you. Thanks to a friend who gave me a nudge about letting people know how things are going for us. I want to say I’ll continue to keep this up to date now but I know how that went before so I won’t make any promises.Thanks to all of you who were praying these prayers with us.

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